Don’t Fear

1Has God been calling you to do something for Him? How have you responded to His call? Have you been hiding or been doubting yourself? There is absolutely no reason for you to feel this way. God has always wanted the best for His children.

When God is telling you to do something, you must do it, not be fearful. Sacrifice is a popular, dramatic idea, but God would rather have obedience to His Word. Not blind, slavish obedience, but a knowing obedience, an understanding that He has limitless wisdom and is not bound by Time, so He can see the course of action that will best guide you to growth and glory and the fulfillment of your potential.

When you are in that state of mind, when He shares information with you in your dreams, you will act on it with joy and confidence and without hesitation, knowing the outcome will be greater blessing. That is obedience. Are you ready to answer His call? Bishop Jordan and Zoe Ministries help you with that by clicking here.

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