Create Your Reality

Start to draw it into your realm of reality. I will lead you into a meditation. As you are seated right now, lift your eyes slightly upward, about twenty degrees. You are going to bring that which is; up in the heavens, the heavens of your mind. Right now you see it on your mental screen, see Jesus holding it, ready to present it into your realm of matter. God is taking what is in the realm of the invisible and bringing it into the visible.

Now, your imagination is creation. What is the finished product that you are looking to see manifest? Give yourself permission to have it, by your eyes beholding it. Feel it become more and more real in your experience. Feel the joy of having; the joy of knowing, feel the joy of understanding this is your divine right. Feel the joy! Now that all of these things have become real in your experience, feel it as if it happening now! Whatever was in the past is no longer in the picture. This new found feeling is in the picture, for it is set within your life.


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What can your imagination create?

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