Know Thy Neighbor

. .you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.

Leviticus 19:18

I  am in the business of being, getting, multiplying, and just being rich. I am in the neighborhood of the rich. Understand that just because a person lives next door to you, does not mean they are your neighbors. A next-door neighbor is a person that is next door in consciousness. Everyone that is around you is not your next-door neighbor. There are a lot of people that I have rubbed next to today, but we are not in the same neighborhood, because we are not vibrating at the same frequency. My neighbors vibrate at the same frequency as I do. Therefore, it is important for you understand what a neighborhood is.

You used to think that neighborhood was, because a person lived right next door to you. In one way that was true. As you evolve in conscious- ness, you will begin to notice that your zip code will start to change. When you evolve in consciousness, and become more filled with the principles of God’s work, your zip code will have to change. Your housing situation will change. No longer will you be able to live at just any address. Conscious- ness will choose the right place for you to live, the place you are supposed to be.

Your workstation will change. And those people vibrating around you will change. As a matter of fact, you will have a grieving period, a postpartum depression, because you have someone on you right now that is tied to you with an umbilical cord, that God is about to sever. God is about to get someone off your breast that has been nursing on you and have become a parasite. You have to watch out for parasitical relationships. Neighbors are there to be a blessing not a curse. Relationships that drain you are not worth having. That is why there is a fine line between mentor, or mentoring someone and a parasite.



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Who is your neighbor?