Consciousness: The Limitless Well of Supply

For those who believe in the prophetic nature of supply, they come to understand that the source of spiritual substance is within their own consciousness. Through personal prophecy, they find fulfillment of their material needs by realizing that God is both their supply and consciousness. Let’s explore the concept of abundance and the power of conscious awareness on this journey of understanding.

Embracing the Presence of Love Header: Love: The Key to Unfolding God Consciousness

To access the abundant supply within us, we need to accept and embrace love in our lives. The Scriptures make it clear that God is love, a truth that has echoed throughout time (1 Jn. 4:7-21). This realization invites us to recognize that the God consciousness within us is infused with love. Love is what activates abundance and inspires us to fully embrace our divine inheritance.

The Divine Source of Supply Header: Gratitude: The Gateway to Divine Abundance

As people of faith, we know that our provision doesn’t come from other people, but from our divine Father. No amount of human effort or creativity can replace the infinite consciousness that provides for us abundantly. We long to express gratitude to God, the source of all provision. By giving thanks sincerely, we acknowledge God’s limitless presence and power as the source of spiritual substance that meets all our needs.

The Inner Realization of Gratitude Header: Gratitude: A Journey of Inner Awakening

Gratitude is a crucial part of our relationship with God. It connects us to the divine and helps us recognize our connection to the infinite consciousness within us. The true essence of gratitude lies in the inner realization that God is the ultimate source of everything we appreciate.

Communing with God: The Language of Silent Appreciation

In the book “Consciousness Unfolding” by Goldsmith, he shares a valuable practice for individuals seeking healing, employment, or spiritual growth: the prayer of gratitude. This silent communication with the divine serves as a way to align our consciousness with God’s abundant grace. By acknowledging God as the source and cause of all provision, similar to how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, we connect with an infinite source of supply.

To those seeking abundance, it’s important to understand that our consciousness is the gateway to limitless supply. As we embrace love, recognize God as our source, and cultivate gratitude within ourselves, we awaken to the prophetic power that lies within us. Let us always speak words of silent appreciation as we journey through consciousness, unlocking the infinite blessings that await us.

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