Consciousness: The Limitless Source of Abundance

People who have a prophetic understanding of supply know that they hold the power of God’s consciousness within them. This infinite wellspring of spiritual substance can fulfill any material needs that arise. God is the essence of our supply and is synonymous with consciousness. To unlock this divine consciousness, we must embrace the omnipresent force of love in our lives. According to scripture, God is love, and God’s consciousness within us radiates with the essence of love.

We must recognize that this abundant supply does not come from mortal beings, but only from the divine Father. No amount of human cleverness, ingenuity, or determination can ever substitute for this infinite consciousness. Therefore, we need to express gratitude and acknowledge the divine origin of our supply.

In “Consciousness Unfolding,” Goldsmith explains that when we recognize God as the infinite Consciousness of our being, our prayers of thanksgiving become a testament to divine Grace. We acknowledge that human selfhood and endeavor pale in comparison to God’s presence and power, and the spiritual substance emanating from God fulfills our every need.

As we move forward, we must remember that consciousness is the key to abundant living. Let us unlock the door to a future full of boundless possibilities by embracing the prophetic power within our souls. With gratitude and awareness, we can find the reservoir of divine supply that awaits us, eager to fulfill our every aspiration.

Meditate on this

  • How does the concept of God’s consciousness as an infinite supply of spiritual substance resonate with your personal beliefs and experiences?
  • How can embracing the presence of love in your life enhance your understanding and experience of God’s consciousness?
  • Reflecting on the idea that our supply comes solely from the divine Father, how does this shift your perspective on relying solely on human effort and ingenuity?
  • How do you currently express gratitude for the abundance in your life? How can you deepen your awareness of God as the ultimate source of your supply?
  • Consider the power of prayers of thanksgiving as a recognition of God’s presence and the source of spiritual substance. How can you incorporate more intentional moments of gratitude and acknowledgment into your daily spiritual practice?

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