A World that “Works”

Often times people displace them by engaging in things they don’t like, getting mixed up in affairs they don’t believe in, or expressing things they are not convinced of themselves. There’s no such thing as “I have no choice.” or “I’m still waiting for something better to come along.” You have the power to make changes and transform your life. As a space for transformation, you are not bound to or counting on anything else.

You are a space by which your life happens. Know that you can create space for transformation. You have the ability to go from whatever kind of life you lead today to the life that you’ve always intended.   In fact, everything in your life depends upon you. With this in mind wouldn’t it be silly to engage in things that you don’t like or torture yourself in order to make a living. Do what you are passionate about and put all your effort in that. That future is something that you deserve. Why displace yourself by engaging in actions that you don’t intend to engage in?

It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe you’ve encountered a complaint between you and a client at work. And although you see the point of the client, you bring yourself to say “Just doing my job, ma’am/sir.” That’s not how it should work. If you truly believed in the cause that you were supporting you would be able to give more evidence than simply your job description.

Do the things that you love and you will find your transformation will come naturally as you go.  The context of leadership is about making the decision to be the better you. You are a space by which your life unfolds. You are the one that sets the condition for change in your own life. Accommodate others in your model of a better life. Set your eyes towards a way of living that benefits everyone.  Transformation isn’t about getting ahead of others or doing better than others. It is about surpassing you and inspiring others. Contribute to the world with the use of your talents and encourage others to be open to their own transformation.




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Have you set the intention to contribute to the world?

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