Your Spiritual Responsibility

God never chose who he wants to save. God wants us all to be saved. And once we are saved through our faith in Jesus we have the responsibility to preach the gospel to other people. Our salvation is not the end but only the beginning of our journey with Christ. Our journey with Christ is the living testimony that God is true, He exist and He loves us so much. How have you been living ever since you received God in your life? Have you been representing God in a good way?

God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives is the living truth that we can share to other people to let them know and see that with God in our lives we can never go wrong. Yes, there are struggles and problems but He will never leave us. God may use a person to help us, but we must always remember that we must not serve the person but God. We must always bring back the glory to God.

Think how you can represent God in the best way you can. Have you been using the gifts and skills that God has given you? Maybe you haven’t discovered them yet and need guidance. Click here to speak to Bishop Jordan’s prophet and discover how you can truly serve God in your ministry. Zoe Ministries will help and guide you in your spiritual journey.

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