Why We Want Secularism to be a Fact, Rather than a Myth

The Secularism Idea is Toxic

Do you know why we struggle with this principle? We work to believe that secularism is a myth because we despise our workplace. It is entirely toxic. Our coworkers irritate us. Sometimes we think that the devil completely possesses them. We hate the boss. He is frequently portrayed as an anti-Christ.

We see our work as a dead end because we are overworked, underpaid, unrecognized, and lacking in opportunity. Unfortunately, we perceive our work to be a constraint. Moreover, see it as a limit.

If you work for men, your resentment of your workplace is understandable. However, everything changes once you realize that God is your ultimate boss and that He hired you through men. When you shift your focus from your earthly boss to your Ultimate Boss in heaven, you will realize that God can determine how far and how high you can go. Because your career is ultimately working for God, God will be the one who decides what your next career move will be. As a result, you must make the necessary changes.

Roles are God-appointed

Many people mistake assuming that a role in society is less sacred than a role in the church. When you do not consider your work sacred, it becomes non-sacred. You will react to it in a non-sacred manner.

Neo-psychologists have studied the fort and language patterns of those who rise above poverty, class and race discrimination, exploitation, and a failing economy to achieve professional goals or become financially independent. Their conclusions are heavily influenced by a person’s belief in who has the final say. Those who believe they can and those who think they can’t usually are both correct. Individuals must decide what, if anything, controls the outcome of their lives. Is it external or internal forces? Identifying the forces you are allowing to control your life will determine how you live your life.

Shift the Locus of Control

Shifting the locus of control puts the power back in your hands and forces your mind to look for a way out. The fountain of creativity and innovation is unblocked, and a new wave of energy fills your body. The desire to live in the appetite for life then fills your imagination with all sorts of future possibilities. Some refer to this as false hope or living in fantasy land. However, for those who have experienced a shift in the locus of control, it has become the driving force behind their new lease on life.


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