We are not expected to be selfish but to be selfless

At another time, after he had preached for a very long period of time, he asked if there was any food to feed the people with. The disciples, knowing full well the state of their purse and the location they were in, immediately responded that there was no way over 5,000 people could be fed. They found loaves of bread and fishes, but that could not satisfy such a large crowd. Jesus cared enough to know that the people needed food after they had stayed with him for so long. Jesus asked that the people sit down then he blessed and gave thanks for the food that was available. The food went around everyone present and there were twelve baskets left after everyone ate to their satisfaction.

God never designed any of us to live for only ourselves. We are not expected to be selfish but to be selfless. We are expected to live our lives in such a way that it benefits others around us. We are not only to be concerned about our own immediate needs or the things that we want to achieve. We are expected to also care about others around us.

God has blessed us to be a blessing unto the world and not just for ourselves and immediate family. When Jesus began to preach, he made us understand that we are the Light of the world and the Salt of the earth. Light and salt do not exist for themselves. They exist for the sake of the environment they are put in. Light quenches darkness, salt takes away bitterness. This proves that we are meant to add value to our environment. By caring for others, we can become channels to help solve problems in the lives of people.

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