The Principle of the Mustard Seed

Everything Starts Small

Every large corporation that exists today started with a group of people who had a dream. Apple started with three friends in one garage. They started simply building computers as a hobby. One day, they decided to sell several units to distributors. They initially had trouble going up against Microsoft. They struggled with getting customers. But they kept on pushing until they came out with the ingenious iPod. As a result, they changed the entire landscape of portable technology as we know it.

Now, MacBooks and iPhones are viewed as status symbols. They have permeated the market in ways that were initially deemed impossible for them.

Facebook started with several students deciding to make an online community platform originally limited to Harvard. This expanded to different universities until it opened to the general public. It was not without its fair share of challenges and controversy. Right now, it continues to be the most-used online networking site with over 2 billion users.

Coca-Cola started with a curious pharmacist developing a unique-tasting soda and a partner deciding to market it to soda fountains. When it was just beginning, it only sold nine servings per day. Now, an astounding 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola are sold every day.

The Megachurch Started Not-So-Mega

In the same way, every megachurch that exists now started with a small group of believers who wanted to do something for the Lord and their community. They knew that they were faithful in what has been entrusted to them. Moreover, they must have had no clue that the church was going to blow up the way it did – and yet it did. Growth can attribute this fruitfulness to the amount of passion, toil, and sincerity that they put into the work of the Lord. It also says a lot about how great things come from small beginnings if these small things are entrusted to the Lord. 

A good story to look at is that of Ralph Moore, a 70-year old pastor. In 1971, he felt the Lord speak to him about planting a church, so he did. The Hope Chapel movement began with just him, his wife, and nine other people. He just did what he knew to do: speak about Jesus, who he is, and what he has done.  

Once the church became a megachurch that had already planted 29 other churches, he felt God call him to start another congregation, and so he obeyed once again. Before long, this congregation grew into a flourishing church planting movement, so much so that right now, there are 2,300 churches. About 220,000 people can attribute to this one man’s seemingly small act of obedience. And yet, for all he has accomplished, he can only attribute it to this: not a great strategy, but a great Savior.

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