The Law of Familiarity

You cannot be found until you are lost. You cannot come into the kingdom until you lose sight of the kingdom. You have to go away from God in order to come to God. You cannot come to what you have always been into. You will have no appreciation of the Father until you are without the Father. You have no appreciation of glory until you are without glory. This is called the Law of Familiarity. If you do not know what it is to struggle, then you will not know what it means to win. That is why there are some things you have to intentionally put yourself through, in order to come into.


That is why we say to reach for the stars. Reach for that which appears to be impossible, that way, when you attain it, then it is an accomplishment. One thing you will understand about success in life is that success is a journey, never a destination. You never arrive. You keep going from glory to glory. Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regardeth reproof shall be honored. You need to get the books of people that are wealthy, and allow them to mentor you through their books. You can get recordings of individuals that are wealthy and allow them to mentor you through their teaching.


As you have digested the knowledge and wisdom from their books and their recordings, when you get into their presence, you will know how to ask the right questions. Everyone you need to meet, you can meet them in their writings. There will be times when even I will teach, but not from this form. You may come into a service and I may teach you from behind the drapes, you will not see this form. Sometimes the form can captivate you, so much so that you miss the message that really needs to be formed.


How many times do we miss the message because we are sizing up the form? You are looking at the form, discerning the form, and looking at what the form looks like today. How is the form moving today? How was the form vibrating today? Sometimes God wants to teach us from the formless. One thing that you will begin to understand is that size has no meaning in the kingdom. A lot of times you miss your mentor because you discerned, or was looking for, a form. You were looking for your mentor to come into a certain type of way, on a certain type of form. And in that you can become all too familiar with your mentor.


Don’t get fascinated with forms. Life is an illusion. Everything on the planet, which is seen is temporal, which means, everything, which is seen, is a lie. So, therefore, everything that you pass through in this realm is nothing but a lie. While we look not at the things which are seen … You should not look at the things which are seen. One of the serious entrapments that keep us from coming into the fullness of the blessings of God is that we are busy looking at the things, which are seen.

A lot of things will paint a certain picture, but it is when you lend your belief to that picture, or that image, the thing will begin to break forth. It is difficult to receive from one whom you are too familiar.  One thing you must commit to is always being a student. Always seek to learn more. Realize that your mentor always has more to teach you, that he may not have taught you before. Study your mentor. Feed from your mentor. And enjoy the process.

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