The Fundamental Basis of the Universe & the Super Mind

What everything is made up

Only the Divine Mind exists. We can “well up” with power by calmly contemplating this Mind’s ideas. The spiritual body, which lives forever in paradise, would have a base. The visible, material body then conveys the spiritual body to everything we contact. Prophets’ spiritual understanding revealed a new age. New means to access goods and support are emerging now.

We can already see this in the fact that cash is becoming less common and online transactions are becoming more common. People won’t be enslaved to money in the prophets’ foretold economy. We’ll meet our daily requirements in ways that aren’t possible in capitalism. Instead, we will serve one other for the love of it, and prosperity will flow freely to and through us, according to Charles Fillmore. Fillmore adds that those who have tested the “supply and support” that love and zeal will thereafter set in motion are outspoken about how wonderfully they work.

The Supermind

People from all over the world have sometimes shown signs of the dynamic power of the supermind. When this supermind does show up, it is usually tied to mysterious rites or hidden behind religious symbols and priestly power. The “ordinary herd” doesn’t know where these occultists and holy men derive their superpowers because of obscurantism. Good news: this mysterious darkness has been replaced by light. The mind of the viewer can influence even the most basic components of nature, according to physical scientists. This discovery disproves the mechanical atomic hypothesis.

Christian metaphysicians can now think about how the Spirit functions metaphysically thanks to quantum physics. We’ll examine restoration’s relationship to the body and soul’s resurrection in the future post.

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