The Feeling well

Feeling well is a technique to get what you want.

When you look at the story of Jacob and Esau, Rebekah represents the subconscious, or subjective, and Isaac, Jacob’s father, represents the objective mind, or the conscious mind of the peace. The mother, in this case, Rebekah (subconscious), instructs the son on how to get the blessing (Gen. 27:4-5).

The mother teaches the son the technique to use to get what he wants. How to get what you want takes technique.

The subconscious always hears your desires, and it understands there is a technique to getting the blessing.

The subconscious is always feeling you because God gives you what you feel.

Are you saying you trust God, but in your heart, you are fearful that the next set of bills and expenses would come and you would come up short? Your emotions reveal your faith. What you are feeling is the true testimony of what you believe. What are you feeling about your situation?

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