The Basis of Spiritual Healing

This consciousness shows us how spiritual healing is possible, for example. Spiritual healing occurs when we realize that Christ is present in our consciousness. Because God is our universe’s individual consciousness, the consciousness we experience is the only consciousness. That means anyone who tunes into this consciousness can effectively apply the spiritual laws to their own lives.

Even people who do not belong to our usual social circles, such as family, friends, fellow churchgoers, students, or patients, can be helped by this spiritual healing through the Christ consciousness within us. Even a stranger or someone separated from us by vast distances can be healed in this manner. Any truth inside our consciousness also reveals itself to the patient before us.

That is why we do not have to strive to reach the people we want to heal. When we are conscious oneness, we become part of everyone and everything so that even if no conscious communication or transference of thought occurs, spiritual healing will spontaneously manifest within the Christ consciousness of our patient as well.

The Illusion of Duality

Because of this, people who are aware of the spiritual nature of the universe and the single God consciousness that drives it need not be concerned that they may suffer from the evil thoughts of other people. Suffering exists because of the duality of the mortal world and the belief that two powers, good and bad, are struggling over the fate of humanity.

This is an illusion. There is only one mind, one spirit, one God. This omnipotent and omnipresent consciousness lies at the heart of every one of us and as Christians. God blessed us the knowledge that the Christ consciousness unites us and binds us all as God’s people.

This Christ consciousness protects us even from the slander and nasty gossip people spread about us. In his book, Goldsmith uses the example of a person overhearing someone claiming that “two times two equals five.” The school system has ingrained math principles into us at an early age, our mathematical sense would protect us from this incorrect claim, and we would not accept the wrong statement at face value.

Similarly, when someone tells us, “You are dead!” our sense of living would protect us from this erroneous declaration, and we would not even be troubled by the content of his statement.

Accept This Invitation

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