Remember Humility to remain Spiritual

God provides each one of us with a talent. That talent is not always something that is obvious and can be flaunted. When you choose to flaunt your talents and make your self feel superior to others you are not using God’s gift as he intended. You are also forgetting that God is great and we are but humble servants.

Pride and Arrogance
It is sad to see so many “self help” books that concentrate on teaching you to be arrogant and proud in order to get ahead. Let’s face it, no one likes a bragger. When we use God’s talents as he intended we must do so with humility understanding that God wishes to speak through us. God wants us to share our gift in order to help others even if it is to use our humor to make others laugh or our scientific knowledge to heal the sick. Our actions will demonstrate our talents; we do not have to then continue to retell the stories of our grand deeds.

Humility Shows True Strength
When we perform a task with great adeptness and are able to be the best we can be we do not have to bring this to people’s attention. It should be enough that we are helpful and that we ourselves know what we have accomplished and more importantly trust that God sees all and appreciates our efforts. Sometimes people get so caught up in their own glory they block out the sun from the smaller saplings around them keeping them from feeling the sun on their faces. Instead, as someone with talent we should always be happy to take a back seat and rejoice when we allow others to succeed instead.

Walk Humbly
In all we do, we must always strive to do well and try our best. God asks all of us to be just, merciful and loving and through all of it be humble. Many high profile celebrities give time and money to charity which is admirable but none of them do it without sending out a press release first. Giving, loving and succeeding are all lessons we learn from God’s teachings. A Free Christian Prophecy can often help us succeed and teach us what God intends. It will never say God says do this and then stand on the rooftops and shout out that it worked.