Power and Protection in Numbers

There is safety in numbers. When authentically focused on Jesus, there is so much love in a prophetic group. There should not be a misconception that a prophetic group—similar to that of the School of Prophets—will create a verbal beating from a prophetic people. This group is intended to be a blessing to people.

God wanted prophets in the ancient times and today to belong to prophetic communities so that within this group, they can experience protection, encouragement, impartation, and growth. Together, a prophetic people can empower believers to fulfill God’s purposes for their individual lives, and as one Body of Christ.


In theory, people are relational beings. Another theory is that prophets are the least relational in the church. There is a stigma that prophets can offend them, and people don’t want their “dirty laundry” out for all to see. They tend to distance themselves from prophets. However, being a prophetic people as a church changes the perspective for the prophetic gift.


In a group, the prophets can weigh their words, as well as the words of others. They can help each other and safeguard each other. There is safety in numbers in the prophetic ministry, because prophets can come together to weigh one another’s word. Paul suggested for two to three prophets to speak, and for the others [other prophets] to evaluate what is said (1 Cor. 14:32). This practice is not to prove that one prophet is better than another or to be contradictory. The practice is intended to make sure the prophetic word is pure. Of course, this goal can only be done out of love.


When false words are given, they can do no further harm, because others can test and discern them, and they can be thrown out. The use of the gift of discernment encourages the prophetic ministry to take more risks as a group. We know that if we do miss a word, then the word is unlikely to do any damage as they can deal with it immediately in a loving and constructive manner.


Character building is a significant area that is developed within a prophetic community. When the group gathers, there is sharpening of iron (Prov. 27:17). If a person in a group is undergoing some challenges in his personal or ministry life and someone else in the group has already been there, then counseling and mentoring comes in. The wisdom that comes through others really helps us recognize what the Lord is looking for in our lives and what He is doing in the seasons we are in. It’s a blessing to walk with more mature prophets who have experienced what younger prophets are experiencing in their current season. Being in a prophetic group can allow prophets to keep each other sharp. You can read about prophecy and understand your gift. However, you receive the gift of prophecy in a group. It’s about receiving impartation. You need the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Being around prophetic people simply positions you to receive prophetic anointing, in the way being around the school of prophets enabled Saul and his men to prophesy in 1 Samuel.




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How has your character been developed in the local church community? Or, if you are already part of a prophetic community, how has this community developed your character?

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