Keep Them

Bible commentator, Matthew Henry, noted on how Ezra took particular care “of the treasure which belonged to God’s sanctuary,” and that “Having committed the keeping of it to God, he committed the keeping of it to proper men, whose business it was to watch it, though without God they would have watched in vain. Note, our prayers must always be seconded with our endeavors; the care of Christ’s gospel, his church, and ordinances, must not be so left with him but that it must also be committed to faithful men.”

Ezra appointed the priests and Levites with the task of watching over the offerings. They said, they must watch over them and keep them so that they may not be lost, embezzled, nor mingled with other articles. Ezra made sure the gifts were kept together, kept by themselves, and kept safely till they were weighed in the temple in front of the elders. Like King Hezekiah, Ezra cared greatly about making sure the provision for the temple was protected. It was because he knew the Lord entrusted this to him that he was committed to making sure whatever was offered to the Lord was properly accounted for and distributed.



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How does the Lord’s commands to priests/ministers to keep the offering sit with you? Why do you think this is your feeling about this?