Is Your Prophetic Gift Being Held Back?

Believers would share with us that they believe they possess the gift of prophecy, but they are unsure of how to use it or to develop it further. The modern-day school of prophets I’ve set in motion over the years is intended to help individuals in this situation. Let us focus specifically on identifying if your prophetic gift is being held back. How do you know if you are gifted and being held back, versus not being gifted in this area after all?


I’ve encountered believers who expressed fear and embarrassment about stepping out in faith with a prophetic word. Most of these prophets lacked the confidence for their word, their gifting, and unfortunately, sometimes even for the Holy Spirit. Prophetic people can flow in the gift of prophecy, but feel blocked or closed down in the current, compared to how it used to be. What do you think blocks the flow over time? These Christians reminisce about the better days in the prophetic ministry, when they newly received their gifts and saw miracles as a result. How come these prophetic occurrences slowed or ceased?


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If you honestly evaluate your prophetic life right now, is it as powerful as before?

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