How a Seed is Grown

You must learn the journey of the seed because understanding that process will help you produce a harvest of health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity. All of that is found in the journey of the seed. Once you recognize how easy it actually is to reach your destination, you’ll celebrate just the idea of your future before it is close to becoming a reality because to you, the idea will be the same as reality.

The seed uses all the power it has to bring forth fruit. When it finds it has no nutrients in its immediate sphere, it puts forth roots to draw the necessary elements from the soil around it. When your soul knows it needs something to achieve abundance, it will search it out just like the roots coming out of a seed.

What are you feeding this “seed”? Are you feeding it with worries and ingratitude? Are you soaking yourself up in fears and disappointments? Why not instead place yourself in a position to be fruitful?  Allow this “seed” that God has placed in your life to be nurtured by love, by hope, by faith, by generosity, and by joy. Protect it from any negative elements.

The world is filled with so much negativity it is so easy to be exposed. However, you need to be intentional about the fruit you want to bear in your life. You choose the fruit you bear, and nurture your life according to this choice you’ve made today.



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What choices can you make today to CREATE the future you desire?