GOD is Substance, Not Matter

The Nature of God Substance

In our understanding, we recognize God as substance, distinct from matter, which takes form. Matter, being something that assumes shape, cannot encapsulate the formless nature of God. Instead, God substance resides beyond matter and form, serving as the very foundation of all forms. However, it does not seek to manifest as a finality within any specific form.

The Incomprehensible Nature of Substance

Substance eludes our senses—it cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or smelled. Yet, it possesses a greater substantiality than matter, as it is the sole source of true substance in the universe. Its essence lies in its ability to underpin and support matter, representing the underlying reality or, in essence, the very sub-stance of reality itself.

Wealth and the Kingdom

Jesus, in the Gospels, conveyed the challenge faced by a rich man when entering the kingdom of heaven. It is said to be harder than a camel passing through the eye of a needle. This difficulty, however, does not solely pertain to the rich man, as the entry for the poor man is neither easier nor swifter.

The Power of Thought

The hindrance to entering the kingdom lies not in wealth itself but in our thoughts surrounding it—our perceptions of its source, ownership, and utilization. It is our thoughts about money, as with our thoughts about all possessions, that prevent us from experiencing the kingdom. We tend to believe that material possessions are solely ours to claim and control as individual property, regardless of others’ needs.

The Call for a Change in Perspective

This belief is not exclusive to the rich; it is prevalent among both the wealthy and the impoverished. Even if circumstances were to swap between the two classes, the disparities of wealth would remain unresolved. True remedy can only be achieved through a fundamental shift in our thoughts regarding wealth.

The prophetic word emphasizes the distinction between God’s substance and material matter. Substance, being formless, supports and underlies all forms. Wealth does not present the main obstacle to entering the kingdom; instead, it is our thoughts surrounding wealth that hinder our spiritual progress. Regardless of wealth or poverty, a transformative shift in our perspectives is required to overcome the barriers and embrace the riches of the kingdom. Let us heed this prophetic call and embark on a journey of renewed thought and understanding.

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