Using the same example of Abraham, there is a lesson about discomfort in the journey of faith. Everything is not always rosy, convenient, and all pleasurable. All through the life of Abraham, he never bought a piece of land for himself to build. He was moving around in tents from place to place. The only time he bought a piece of land was when he needed to bury his wife, Sarah.

This shows that Abraham literally lived in tents all through his faith walk on earth with God. Yes, he received the promise child, Isaac, but the scripture helps us to understand that Abraham desired a better country than that which he came from.

We must be full of faith while expecting God to make good on His promise.

In all, it is expected that every believer walking by faith with God remains open to God’s leading and direction. We must be full of faith while expecting God to make good on His promise. For Abraham, we were told that he was strong in faith and gave glory to God. He was rejoicing long before the physical manifestation of God’s promise for his life began to materialize.

In the New Testament, Jesus said, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. He was trying to say that there is a need to be a constant conversation between man and God so that one will be able to receive the instructions on what to do and what not to do. So, conversations are needed for action.

Using the same example of Jesus Christ, when he was born the angel instructed Joseph to depart from where they were because the King Herod was out to destroy all the children between the ages of two years and downwards. If Joseph didn’t receive this information and respond appropriately, the destiny of Jesus would have been jeopardized.

Countless people were alive in the days of Abraham, but God chose to make a promise with Abraham and to date, He has kept his word. The promise that God made to Abraham was that in his seed all the nations of the earth will be blessed. While we understand that God promised Abraham a child who was named Isaac, we know that the seed being referred to here was Christ and through Christ all the nations of the earth are blessed. The blessings that have come through this seed include salvation, healing, deliverance from sin and from hell.

The blessings that have come through this seed include salvation, healing, deliverance from sin and from hell.

There are so many conversations of action in the scriptures from where we can draw lessons. For instance, when Moses stood before the Red Sea, the entire army of the Egyptians was pursuing them from behind. The people were scared to death. They began to blame him for taking them out of the captivity they’ve been used to and bringing them to die in the wilderness. This must have been terrible for Moses. But Moses cried out to God. In the conversation between Moses and God, God was telling Moses to take an action while Moses was crying not knowing what to do. So, immediately after Moses heard from God, he stood up with his rod and pointed it towards the Red Sea. Immediately, the water parted to the left and to the right and the Israelites walked on dry ground. As they crossed to the other side, the Egyptians also decided to follow them into the Red Sea, but in the end, they were drowned.

So, the conversation between God and Moses before the Red Sea brought about an action that brought the deliverance for the children of Israel. This singular miracle and wonder has been told many generations after.

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