Willingness and Obedience : The Key to Being Rich

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.

Isaiah 1:19

If you are not eating the good of the land, it is because of one of two reasons. You are either not willing or you are not obedient. Even a fool can understand the simplicity of this text. Your blessings rely on your willingness and obedience. There is not a delay factor in this God idea. As soon as you become willing and obedient, you immediately eat the good. The inverse of this is that if you are not willing and not obedient, then you eat the bad of the land. What are you eating? What is your diet? Your diet is

totally contingent upon your corresponding action.


There are times when you are obedient. You are walking in obedience yet you do not see the return of favor and increase in your life. That is because you have to have a willingness to receive. Some people do not mind giving with a pure heart. However, they close up and go into a clamshell when it is time for God to begin pouring out blessings on their life. You, not God regulates and controls the amount of increase and favor that comes into your life. If you are willing to receive then you will have an unlimited supply. If you are not then your supply will be clogged, like a sink dirty drain.

There are a lot of people that go to work for the check, but ask them if they are willing to work. Their willingness does not match their obedience. That is why the never eat the good of the land. When you are not willing, you are not submissive. You do not have the right action, or attitude of heart. You have the right outward action, but you do not have the right consciousness. Have you ever had somebody do something for you and as they went to do it, you said never mind, I’ll do it. Why did you do that? Okay, you may be saying the old adage, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”


But if someone is willing to do it, then allow him or her to do so. You may say, “Just because someone is willing to do something for me doesn’t mean that they are going to do it with the right spirit or with the right heart.”  It is interesting to see that people typically do not want others doing things for them under the false guise of willingness, when deep down inside they really would rather not be bothered at all.  It is not about doing something because of a feeling of obligation. It is all about doing what you do from the heart.  And others can definitely feel what is in your heart.

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What areas in your life lack obedience and willingness in the Lord?