Who is Your Neighbor Mentor?

Every mentor has to be discerning. Everything that is hanging is not hanging on for life. Some people are just sucking, but not doing it for the purpose of living. They are sucking for the same reason that a full baby sucks, just to be pacified and lulled off to sleep.  Not only should you discern that one whom you will mentor in life, but you also must watch out for individuals that will show up in your life in the name of volunteerism.


So many people will come into your life saying, “I’m here to help you.” Often those relationships end up in failure and much hurt. Why?  It is because parasitical people do not bring anything to add to your life, but when you add up the sum total at the end of the year, they just took, took, took, and took! You, no one else is responsible to get those parasites out of your house and out of your life.  Like vampires, these takers come out at night when they cannot see any daylight. They live off your life because they do not have a life. Get a life! And make sure that you only hang out with people that have a life too.

This is your wake up call. Honestly ask this question. Am I a parasite or do I have parasites in my life?  If your neighbor is a parasite, it they will suck the life out of you and leave you dead. Perhaps you might be a bit perturbed by my frankness. Go ahead get mad.  I want to provoke you to take action.  Unless you get angry about your present, you will not come into a new future. Your future only comes, and is based upon the condition of your anger today.


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