What You Say Matters

Your words produce not just action, but action that leads to life and death. A declaration said out of anger or bitterness can have dire consequences. A promise said in love will surely bring about hope and joy. We see examples of these in our daily lives, to the people around us. It’s not so much rocket science, as it is overlooked, belittled, and undermined.


What you say matters. How you say it matters. As sons and daughters of the living God, the very same way the Lord’s words had the ability to put themselves into action, so is the weight that our words are able to carry. It matters that we know how, in the wisest man’s words, we will eat the fruit of what we speak. We will be the ones to face what we create with our words. Whether this will be a paradise, like Eden, or a mishap, like Babel, is up to us.



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