What is God doing?


What do you think God is doing in this particular season? In order to remain in faith, you must keep in mind that God is good, and He desires to bless you. God will not allow anything to harm you.

God is also in control and He is wise. He knows what He is doing, and He sees the bigger picture. If you find yourself in a season of testing, then ask God what He wants you to learn or to develop in this particular season.


Developing the skills you will need in the future


One of the most common reasons why we undergo a season of testing is so that we develop our characters. Joseph knew that his destiny was to be a ruler. When he was sold into slavery and thrown into prison, it was a far-fetched reality. However, it was during this time of slavery and unjust imprisonment when he developed skills that would be invaluable to his future. He learned the Egyptian language and customs. He also learned principles of stewardship, leadership, and resource management, things he would not learn in his father’s household. During a season of trials, God may be laboring gifts and skills into your life that you will need to fulfill His destiny in the long run.


Refining your character


There are seasons when we find ourselves in the wilderness. People and circumstances that try us are instruments that God uses to develop our character and point us towards our destiny. Like Joseph the dreamer, God intended whatever traumatic situation he went through for good to accomplish what has been done to save many lives (Gen. 50:20).


Repositioning you


There are times of testing when God is actually repositioning you for a new season of fruitfulness. Remember how Elijah went on the run from Jezebel, overnight going from success to mess (1 Kgs. 19). He experienced some kind of hopelessness, because when sat under a tree in the desert, he actually prayed that he would die. However, the Lord visited Him and gave him directions for a new season of his ministry. He was to call Elisha as his successor and to anoint a new king who would bring Jezebel’s reign to an end.


Elijah receive the appointment from God in the wilderness, the same way Moses did. It can also be the same with us. It is during the time of testing when God realigns your life into something new. During a time of difficulty, God can speak to you about going into a new direction for your life, which would not even be considered if you were not in the wilderness.



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