What Are You Committed to? It’s What’s Making Your Rich or Poor!

As with any subject, the best way to learn is through repetition. Repetition is the mother of learning. When you keep repeating something over and over and over and over again, eventually it will begin to stick. In time it will connect, and bring you into your destiny. Repetition brings you into the proper alignment, if you are repeating the right things. The rich become and stay rich because they have learned the secrets of the wealthy and they repeat those secrets, not just once in a while but every single day until the repetitions become a habit.

Once those repeated secrets become your habit, then they become your character, and in time you will live perpetually of the fruits of you reverberations. Successful people very often do the same things over and over until they get the desired result. The poor lack the patience and the perseverance to do something long enough to get different results. The rich do not invest every once in a while; they invest all of the time. Investing for them is a repeated habit.


A man who enjoys a six-pack abdominal section, with a thirty-three inch waistline, with a forty-six inch chest built to last did not get his figure just from going to the gym once or twice. He received his figure from working out repeatedly. The famous rapper L. L. Cool J is not only known for his rapping and musical genius, but also for having a really good physique. If you ask him how did he get his figure he’ll be the first to admit that he worked out every single day for years.


And even now, he still works hard at maintaining his physical status by working out daily. Great basketball players practice on the court every day. Great writers don’t write every now and then. They write every day!  Prolific preachers don’t preach only when they show up for service on Sunday morning, no, they are rehearsing the sermon in their imagination all of the time, so when the opportunity to share good tidings arrives they are ready. Repetition does not just make you rich it prepares you for riches.


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What should you start committing to mastering today?

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