Wealth as Spiritual Maturity

Aligning your prayer and your feeling is a whole new level of faith. When you take something so significant to another level, thumb-sucking baby Christians will have difficulty with it, because it does not line up with their pedagogy.


The wise will know when truth is spoken, and they’ll soon recognize that this new level isn’t a place where milk is served, or where people are given butter knives. Milk and bread are not on the main course tonight. As a matter of a fact, the only time the butter knife will appear is before the main course, and the only time milk will be offered is to add to coffee at the end of the meal.


Do you want to grow in your faith? Do you want your spirit to mature? Then you need to begin believing God for the bigger things. You may think you have been moving by faith, but it’s not really by faith unless you’re being audacious in claiming, not just in asking. It’s one thing to ask, but it’s another to be sure of what you have not seen.


How do you know you are a spiritually mature Christian? It’s when you begin to accept that God wants you to prosper and that you can actually make this happen. God is not a genie who will grant you wishes. No, He is not your servant. God is your Father, who in His wisdom and goodness, prepared everything you need in advance, even before you were born. You only need to access them through prayer and faith.



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What is your wealth telling you about your level of spiritual maturity?

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