Wait for the Right Time – God’s Timing

You may be feeling frustrated that you are getting overlooked or that other people are receiving their mantles before you. Do not compare yourself with others. You must not use other people’s lives as the standard for when God will appoint you because you have your own story.

Elisha was appointed by God to be his prophet. However, God also used Elijah to recognize, prepare, and establish this appointment. At the same time, God used Jacob, Potiphar, the prison warden, and the Pharaoh to choose Joseph for a position in Egypt that was already his through God’s divine appointment.

We must not self-appoint ourselves to a mantle or ministry. God can use those who are overseeing you to recognize and establish you to the calling you are meant for at the right time (Acts 6:6, Acts 13:1-3). You must be secure in God’s timing. In the meantime, prepare and be in faith.

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Who is God using to appoint you and to deliver the prophetic mantle upon your life?

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