A Spiritual Transaction for the spirit of tzedakah:

Tzedakah, as with every other giving that the Lord calls us to do is a spiritual exercise.

Tzedakah, as with every other giving that the Lord calls us to do is a spiritual exercise. We seem to forget that the Lord God does not need our money. Nevertheless, we are commanded to give in order to foster empathy, compassion, and generosity. We are being molded to be more like Jesus. It is through giving of ourselves that we actually become more. Giving a part of what we hold dear leads to a more meaningful life.

A rabbi once asked, “What is better? Giving 1000 gold pieces to one person, or giving one gold piece to 1000 people? According to him, the latter is better. How come? It is because each act of generosity is separate.

If your performance a generous act 1000 times, it means you chose to give 1000 times. It’s like the number of repetitions you do in the gym. The more repetitions you do, you more you grow stronger.

The essence of tzedakah isn’t a financial transaction; it is spiritual.  It grows you spiritually — and as God promised when you seek Him first, it can also grow you financially (Mt. 6:33).

The pretzel lady had the chutzpah to tell the young man that the price of the pretzel has gone up, and therefore the price of his tzedakah has gone up too. In reality, the cost of living gene


rally rises. It makes perfect sense for the pretzel lady to say what she did. As givers, we must always reevaluate if what we are giving is truly contributing to the welfare of others.

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