Three Levels of Prophecy

We can understand prophecy as a forward-looking gift. Most prophecies in the Bible are forward-looking. Prophecies in a local church can include word of knowledge and word of wisdom. It can be general or specific. There is usually a keyword that brings breakthrough, repentance, illumination, and the like. Prophecy can seem to be a little repetitive if all you hear in your Church is that God loves you. God does love you, of course, but He has a lot more to say. Actually, there are three levels of prophecy that prophets must be aware of when listening to God’s voice.


1 Corinthians 12 – Simply Prophecy


The first level of prophecy is based on the knowledge that all believers can prophesy. If you are a believer reading this book, you can prophesy because of the grace of God. In 1 Corinthians 12:7, Paul tells you that you have been given the Holy Spirit and you can encourage others through a prophetic word. The Holy Spirit is given for the common good. When we first begin to prophesy, we prophesy out of our maturity—or immaturity. Most of us can give an encouraging word with the help of the Holy Spirit. All believers can prophesy at this level.


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Have yhou ever prophesied encouragement to another person?


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