Three Levels of Prophecy Part 3

Ephesians 4 – Prophet and the Ministry


The third level of prophecy involves the Ephesians 4 prophet. A biblical prophet receives a commission from the Lord and the fruit that confirms this calling. Ephesians 4 prophets typically have a national or transnational sphere of work that the Lord has specifically assigned to them.

These prophets release impartation and know how to work with the prophetic gifts. Impartation brings about change. This change is a critical part of the Ephesians 4 prophet’s message. These prophets are designed by God to equip the Church in these Spirit manifestations. When you come around a prophet, you actually experience aspects of the presence of God. There are many different kinds of prophets, but all have a capacity to sense and release God’s presence. Prophets set kings into offices, speak directional words to apostles, and bring impartation.


Impartation pertains to a release that comes into you by the power of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the impartation is to confirm or to empower God’s call, function, or gift on your life. Impartation is not done by the will of any prophet, but it happens through them as they are carried along by the Spirit.


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Do you have the calling to be an Ephesians 4 prophet? How do you know?

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