Three Levels of Prophecy Part 2

1 Corinthians 14 – Specific or Directional Prophecy


We don’t usually have problems with giving general words of encouragement, do we? However, when it comes to specific words of instruction or direction to individuals or the church, this is where some of us really need a clear word from God. This level of prophecy is called the 1 Corinthians level—a gift of prophecy.


All can prophesy, but some are simply given a different anointing, resulting in clarity and accuracy in the prophetic instruction. That usually means that God gave this gift and it produces a word that is beyond blessings or encouragement. God is the source of this

prophetic gift. But we need the character and wisdom to use this directional gift properly. Individuals with the gift of prophecy need lots of training in what to do and not to do, so they know what to do with what the Lord gives them. This practice is particularly important to avoid hurting or offending God’s people.

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Do you believe you have the Gift of Prophecy? What made you believe so?