The Worry Sickness

From whence you and I came, there was no need for any of those things, since you are spirit. And as spirit, you don’t have a need for aesthetical beauty and adornment. There was no need for an adult or child. There’s no need to be ugly or pretty. There’s not even life and death for that matter. Those things are all created from this earthly realm. As strange as it may seem at first, you really created the way you look. You named it and gave it a meaning. You created the way you feel.

Take credit for all of the situations going on around you, you created them too. Because you never realize those things, is exactly why you have not tapped into your higher self, and accessed the riches of the kingdom.  You are a co-creator with God. And, it is your assignment to create beauty and ugly, to create life and death, to create humor or sadness, to create happiness, gladness or mourning. It’s true, that you create all of this drama, as you have entered and descended into the world of illusion.

The cure for worry is meditation. Worry is meditation in the wrong direction.


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What good thing can you meditate — focus your attention to — about today?

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