The Word is Made Flesh Through an Offer

We have all received and presented offers in our lives. On a day-to-day basis, we may have offered to open the door for someone, carried a bag of groceries, or shared a cab ride. We have also been at the other end, receiving an offer that we may or may not have accepted. It is usually judged based on the person’s intent. A big factor in the acceptance of an offer would be the


sincerity shown in the act of offering, because there is also an act of commitment involved. Generally, it is human nature to be helpful towards each other in society. It is an altruistic trait that we have to aid someone in need. The concept of offering shows one’s willingness to do something and leaves the decision to the recipient to decide whether to accept or reject it. It is simply conditional upon the recipient’s acceptance.


The beauty of the speech act of offer is that it is tied to the speech of act of request – except this time you are on the receiving end. For someone to offer you something is like them requesting that you give them permission to give you what they are offering. While we do have instances where we question the intent of the one making the offer, at the end of the day it is as if they are leaving something in your hands that is up for you to decide.

Should you find the one making the offer guilty of trying to buy your affections, then you have the choice to turn him away. However, if you are honestly interested in the offer being presented to you, in spite of the probable motives, then you are at liberty to accept it.

Let’s take sales people, for instance. We encounter a lot of them and sometimes just tend to straight up ignore them if what they are offering is not of value or interest to you. But if you find yourself being attracted to what they are saying as they describe the benefits that you can get should you accept their offer, then you would really stop and take your time discussing everything with them.

Such is the power of words and the power of stating an offer, knowing that the recipient will also find it enticing and beneficial to them. Even if we know that the sales people are just trying to meet their quotas and earn a living amidst the spiels and statements that they just want to see us not miss out on something, we also believe in the value of what they are offering and know that as they gain something from it, it will also be of gain to us.


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