The Gospel According to the Hebrews was an ancient gospel which roots from early Hebrew Christian circles. Although only a few fragments of the gospel remain, scholars have been able to piece together a version of the story of the rich young ruler. The story revisits the classic Bible story of the rich, young ruler approaching Jesus and asking, “Master what good thing must I do to love?” Jesus replies, “Man, do the law and the prophets.”

When the rich young ruler asserts that he has already done so, Jesus tells him, “Go, sell all thou possess and distribute it to the poor and come follow me.” When the rich young ruler, visibly displeased, scratches his head in confusion, Jesus tells him: “How sayest thou, I have done the law and the prophets? For it is written in the law: thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself; and see, many of thy brothers, son of Abraham, are covered with filth, dying of hunger, and thy house is full of much goods, and nothing at all comes out of it.”

Judging by this non-canonical gospel that spread in early Hebrew Christian circles, the Hebrew possessed a strong understanding of what it truly meant to love one’s neighbor. In addition, the Hebrew understood Jesus’s incarnation to exposit that to love one’s neighbor was to sacrifice one’s own possessions.

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What does it mean for you today to love your neighbor?

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