I want you to think about it. Do you think it is the current silence of the African-American community — keeping one’s heads down — throughout different hate crimes and racially-segregated police violence and injustices that are keeping the abuse alive? Dr. King was on to something when he said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

Once members of our community begin to take a stand against our oppressors, then the oppression would cease. Leaders of the African-American Church must not keep their heads down and let this pass. They must take a stand for the dignity and value of the African-American preachers who were the object of ridicule of The Word Network’s CEO.

Together, we can make a difference for the country today, not only for our generation but for generations to come. On the other hand, the silence of the community signs on to the oppression of the people for our children’s children, and beyond.

A  Call  for Unity is a Call for Brotherhood in the faith 

Charles Marsh wrote in his book, The Beloved Community, “Although a boycott was necessary for Montgomery to bring an end to discriminatory laws, King urged the church people in the movement to keep in mind that a boycott and its achievements do not in themselves represent the goal.” In the last days of the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott, Dr. King said the goal was reconciliation, redemption, and the creation of a beloved community. For him, the pursuit of civil rights for African-Americans was significantly a spiritual journey. He also saw this as an opportunity to unite the nation after years of division from oppression and hatred.

We are in a season where we must take a stand for African-Americans as a people of the United States. In order to be truly united as a nation, we are calling for the boycott of The Word Network because it promotes a culture that tolerates bigotry and racism. The toleration of such discriminatory mindsets and behavior only separates Blacks from Whites. Unless people — Black AND White — take a stand and say, “No, this is not right. The CEO and president did an offensive and discriminatory thing,” how can there be true unity in the country? When people “get over” a mass media mogul calling himself a pimp with Black preachers as his “hoes” and look the other way, what does it say for us as a nation?

Today, you can download the eBook ” America’s Original Sin “. Read more about the silence of different communities that do not take a stand for the injustice that happens in America.

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