Are you withholding the seed because you are going through tough financial times? As you let the power of the seed grow, as you sow it and you allow it to work for you, you will see that the hard season has passed.

God is using that seed to test your faith. Where do you place your trust? Do you place you trust in your seed, or do you place it in the One who created and provided for that seed?

God is telling you to use this seed to get you through the hard times. You are not supposed to eat the seed.

You are not supposed to consume your seed. You are supposed to sow it and nourish it by faith.  If you do not sow the seed, how can you expect it to bear fruit?

The ability of the seed to bless you does not change in the seasons. Use it for the purpose it was given to you. Sow and see it bear fruit. Sow and be expectant of a harvest.


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