Jesus becomes the center of your emotions. You begin to experience trust, love, and mercy. When you are able to finally access these emotions, your circumstances will follow.

The prayer is a way to get you to focus, to give the feeling an opportunity to catch up. Prayer is focused attention —  Your attention is there, your mind is there, your thought, your consciousness, and everything else is there. If you focus on it and then get a lock on it, the feelings will begin to catch up to what you’re praying for. When you connect feelings and prayer, you’re communing with God. You bring your consciousness with your feelings in becoming one with God.

Jesus corrected our perspective of prayer. Through prayer, our focus is shifted from the problems that we face to the plans and purposes of God. It shifts our attention from the limited circumstances to the unlimited nature of God.

How do you think meditating on the Word of God can make you successful? It’s because you are focusing on the truth rather than the temporary and limited situation you are in. When you pray from the Bible, you are controlling and transforming your emotions into the truths of God’s Word. Identify what emotions you must have according to a Bible promise God gave you today.


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