The Power of the Moment

The moment you stop expecting more of life is the moment life starts looking around for other and better outlets. The only thing that can restrict life’s expression is the channel through which it works. So, stop dancing with limitations.

When men are cast down, then thou shall say there is lifting up (Job 22:28).


Two people have different attitudes to blessings. Being expectant and being entitled are two different things. Being expectant for blessings make you a channel for blessing. You are ready to flow. On the other hand, being entitled for blessings make you a bucket, ready to receive a blessing, but with a limit to what you can receive. Being entitled to the blessing is born out of pride.


You may be saying, “Lord, I gave my tithe, now bless me.” You’re not being expectant, you’re just being entitled, and who are you to feel entitled with God. You don’t deserve blessings. Even if you give everything you have, you can never earn a single blessing from your Creator. You are blessed to even be alive. But, because you know that God is good, you can be expectant. You can rely on God’s goodness and faithfulness that God’s blessing is coming. When you a heart that is sustained by faith in the Lord, then the blessings will flow.


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Are you coming from a place of faith or a place of entitlement?

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