The Power of Experience

Human behavior is the result of a weaving of innate and learned experiences (Budd & Rothestein, 2000, p.98). We can say that behavior does not define our being but we can also say that it is part of our being. And, experiences do shape not only our behavior but also the things that we are – how we respond, how we do things, how we speak, etc.

Experience seems to be a vital part of transformation because it provides a baseline of transformation. It makes you differentiate the former state from the transformed state. It makes you appreciate the transformed state because it is the one who honed it to be the way it is.

People should not be wary about experiencing new things. As Socrates had put it, wonder is the beginning of wisdom. The learned would not be who they are if they did not experience things. Experience transforms us into the person we are. It either builds us or breaks us – but at the end of the day, it transforms us – if not, others.

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What new experience can you try out this month?