The Perfect Amphibian 

Each of us was created to be unique. Being an Insider does not mean you “pretend” to be something you are not. This is not what being an amphibian is. People can detect it when you are inauthentic. The perfect amphibian was Jesus Christ. 

Jesus hung out with the sinners but never sinned. The crowd was drawn to him because he spoke their language. They were able to relate to him. Jesus was able to connect with sinners without having to compromise his own beliefs. 

The common language is love.

Jesus never denied who he was. He was authentic. Yet, he was still able to make those connections. Jesus drew people to him because of his genuine concern and love for the people. The common language is love in this world and in the world of God. 

Jesus may seem like the most unrelatable person in the world because, well, for starters – He’s the Messiah, and you are a sinner. He is holy; you are not. He is as white as snow. You are like a filthy rag. He has perfect love. Your love is conditional. These reasons and several others make a load of difference between him and any other person in the world. How was Jesus able to make himself relevant? 


Jesus stayed in the center of God’s will.

However, once you get to know Jesus by reading your Bible, you will be surprised at how relatable this person is. He was born into a humble family. His lineage came from characters who had questionable values. Some were prostitutes. One was a murderer. Satan attacked and tempted him. 

The Bible said he was 100% human, and his life accounts showed that he was human. The only thing was he never sinned. He stayed his course. Jesus remained in the center of God’s will.  

The 4 Quadrants

Jesus understood the power in the four quadrants. He had a political agenda. In fact, he is the King of kings. Moreover, he let the world know of his dominion and his authority. The Bible says, “Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28:18). 

Jesus also had an economic plan. He spoke about money more than he did anything else. He knew he needed to place a Christian perspective on money. His teaching about finances remains our standard for managing our finances to this day. 

Jesus had a social agenda. In a culture wherein religion set the “religious” and the “sinners” apart, Jesus stood in the gap. He had meals with tax collectors, considered the worst sinners during those times.  

In a culture that held traditions and rituals to be of significant importance and sanctity, Jesus healed on Sabbath. He exhibited how people were more important than traditions. Jesus shocked people.  

Jesus created possibilities that were not known of. He performed miracles. Also, he healed the sick. Moreover, he made people rise from the dead. A carpenter from a humble family spent his time in the temple, discussing the teachers of the Law. These were just some of the counter-cultural breakthroughs that Jesus generated.  

Jesus also had a spiritual agenda. We see how Jesus significantly challenged the way of the Pharisees. He had heated encounters with religious leaders. Jesus changed the way we define holiness. The Lord said: “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them” (Matthew 15:11). 

Jesus is the perfect example of the amphibian.

Jesus Christ would be the perfect example of the amphibian because he spoke the world’s language and the Lord’s language. He could connect with the world while remaining associated with the Father. He could reach and make an impact in the four corners of the world.  


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