Jesus is just, because the Father is just. However, Jesus took sides when he walked the earth. For example, in Luke 6:20-26, Jesus took the side of the lowly. This account confirms that God and eternity are not on the side of “the rich, the satiated, the devotees of pleasure, the people who take the popular side of everything.”

Ultimately, the verdict will be for those who are poor and underfed, who carry the heavy end of things, and who have to stand for the unpopular side.” In the Beatitudes, the terms are less social, yet more spiritual. The differences between the upper and lower class are not marked. However, there is a promise about a great reversal of things in favor of the humble, the peaceable, and the unpopular. The promise is that they are to inherit the earth and God’s Kingdom.


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How have you been biased or impartial when it comes to the people in your workplace?

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