The Link Between Faith and Feelings

The Father must be touched with the feelings. According to how you feel will determine how you will get answered. These are the ways of God. God has an obsession to be believed. If you do not believe Him, then He simply will not answer you. Without faith it is impossible to please him. If you do not have faith, and you do not produce faith, you cannot please God. So the only way to please the Father is to believe the Father.

God withholds from those who doubt. Anything that is being withheld from you, it is because you doubted God. If there is anything that is withheld from me, it is because I doubted Him. I can take this a bit further and say if anything is being withheld from me I doubted myself—I doubted the God in me.

The only reason you have things that are held back from you, and are not possessing that things you desire, is because you doubt in one area or another. Now I know that is a very large pill for most people to swallow. That is hard for you to accept. Traditional Christianity teaches you that God is holding back on you because of sin in your life, or because you did something wrong years ago. The only sin that is stopping you from receiving the good that you desire is the sin of doubt. Each time you doubt God, you actually doubt God’s ability in you.


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What are the promises God gave that you are still doubting right now?