The Law of Revision

You are so busy living in the temporal world, that you are missing the eternal dimensions. Anything I want to manifest, I learn how to visit my future self. There are so many people who play with their past self, and do not even know what to do with their past self. That is why you should not be digging into your past, unless you know what to do with your past. Don’t search for things that you do not know what to do with.

When you begin to understand the law of revision you will know for sure that you should never go back into your past self, and try to conjure up the old. What is revision? Revision is when you can go back to the past self, see the mistakes that the past self made, correct the mistake in the past self, then bring the past self up through that situation, the correct way.  You then revision it, have the emotions behind it and blot it out as if it has never happened. A clear example of this is what happens at the cross at Calvary.

Past lives go through a process of revision.  A major deliverance happens when you come face to face with your future self. Imagine coming to view where you are supposed to be in the year 2017, and you take that one that you are in 2017, and let 2007 begin to talk to 2017, and say, “Instruct me as to what I am supposed to be doing now, in order to get to the highest good.”  The results would be astonishing. What you need to do is visit your future self. Your future self tells you what tomorrow holds. Your future self has already lived this present self and can give you clues to help you navigate through the journey with ease and precision.


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What have you learned from an encounter with your future self?