The Law of First Cause

The primary cause of any series of events can never be negative. Negation is the condition which arises from the absence of active causation. This means that a negative—be it negative behavior or a lack of action—can’t result in a positive, or forward, action.

A seed that receives no sun, no water, and no nutrients doesn’t grow; it dries up and blows away. A seed that is properly planted and watered sprouts a growth that rises through the soil to meet the sun. Every nucleus and every seed contains within itself enough vitality to draw to itself every element it needs for complete growth and fruition.


You are like the nucleus of a seed; what you draw, you become. Work on your nucleus.

Believe you will receive, and you will quickly draw to you all the riches you need.


Do you even believe that the Creator of the Universe wanted you to live in lack? Why would He create an entire universe before He created human beings if He intended for humans to be in lack? God created abundance and prosperity before He even created human beings.


God prepared abundance for you and me. We were created into prosperity. When the serpent tempted Eve, it was not for anything more, because everything humans can ever need was in the Garden of Eden. The serpent, however, made Eve doubt the prosperity that was before her. The serpent made her second guess the Creator by thinking that He would withhold anything from us. It was the first lie Eve fell for. Up until today, are you still falling for the same lie? Are you still falling for the lie of lack? Are you still thinking the God, who created the universe for you, would withhold any good thing from you?


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How are you being the primary cause of your current situation?


Friday:  December 21


Title:   What You FIGHT, You IGNITE

Don’t focus on poverty or death, because whatever you focus on, you magnify—even if your focus is an effort to keep it away from you. If you’re afraid of contracting a skin disease, for example, and you’re often focused on this skin disease and worrying that you might come down with it, even looking up symptoms and cures online, your focus is constantly on that disease.


You are attracting it. Whatever you give your attention, you’ll grow. If you pay attention to negativity, that’s what will bloom in your life. If, for example, you’re often lamenting the fact that you don’t have as much money as you wish you did, you’ll continue to not have enough money—and you may even find yourself with less money, over time, because your insistence on believing you’ll never have enough of it will lead you to make choices that result in your never having enough of it. Your focus, your attention, invites the object of your attention into your life.


It’s popular to think fighting something is a way of keeping it at bay, because—in your mind—you’re pushing it away, but your fighting only brings more of the undesirable element to you. Imagine, for instance, that you’re trying to quit smoking: if, after smoking that last cigarette, you constantly think, “I won’t have a cigarette, I won’t have a cigarette, I won’t have a cigarette,” the only thing on your mind is a cigarette. If, on the other hand, activities occupy what used to be smoking time, and cravings are recognized but then cast aside and ignored, the obsession with a cigarette and the likelihood of that cigarette being smoked are all but eliminated.


Focus on God’s love. The love that brought Jesus to the cross of Calvary to die for your sins. What a great love that is available for you and me. Let go and declare freedom from whatever is keeping your mind hostage in fears and worries.


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