In the levels of self, the foundation is the individual self. Nobody can get to the other levels without going through first with the individual level. It is the baseline of everything that happens in the different levels. It is the one that makes all of the levels. One should nurture himself so that he can also nurture others. When the inner man is filled, it overflows.

It takes a high degree of commitment to begin the journey of understanding yourself at a deeper level. It takes the journey of understanding yourself at a deeper level. It takes courage to look and accept, without self-judgement, the self-imposed barriers you fashion. But the rewards of self-knowledge are great (Hacker & Roberts, 2003, p.119). A person’s life is a journey of self-discovery. It is an adventure that reveals oneself not only to his own but also to others.

Many times, people start on the wrong side of the race. One reason why, according to Hacker and Roberts is that many people believe that the document must be perfect and complete. Quite the opposite is intended. The life plan is a lifelong working document. Begin with an imperfect version, knowing that you will enhance it over time. The key is to start (Hacker & Roberts, 2003, p.135).

If we intend to transform – if we intend something new, we have to start it within us. There would always be things that we cannot change, but the key is to get that vision within ourselves and to work on it. We have to be the first one to believe that the vision we got – no matter impossible it may seem – is possible. The process might be excruciating, but a tree won’t grow if it did not get out of its seed.



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How is God calling you to grow in this season?

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