The Group Word

God did not create us to go through life on our own. We are not designed to be alone. We are wired to be social beings. When we do try to accomplish things by ourselves, we fall short because we were not intended to do it that way. Even in Genesis 2:24, we see that the man becomes one flesh with his wife. This is a picture of two individuals coming together to form a family. Individuals are intended to come together as a group.


A group is a solitary unit, but it is composed of many individuals coming together because of at least one thing that unifies them. The Group Word is about the coming together of a number of individuals into one.

Notice the pattern when God intends for a change to occur in a nation — He gives a group word — instruction is given to a nation, such as that of Israel, the 12 Apostles, the School of Prophets, and the like.


We see the Self evolve within the group. One can only grow and progress within the group. The power of the Group Word is to bring individuals together as one.


Language creates the group. No one can really belong to any group without the use of language (written or verbal). One has to say, “I belong to this group,” the same way that Christians say they belong to the church of Christ, or Americans say they belong to the nation of the United States of America.  The Group Word moves the group towards change and action. Simply put, the “Group Word” is the manifestation of how language can tap into the collective potential of the group to bring about leadership capacity for transformation.



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What is the GROUP WORD for your nation?

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