The God-in-Me

The spirit of God within you is forever thinking thoughts of abundance. This is the nature of the spirit of God within you.  Your true self thinks, sees, and knows only abundance. The creative energy of this mind of abundance is eternally flowing, radiating, expressing, and seeking to appear as abundance on the physical plane.


The spirit of God in you is always thinking abundance and success. God enjoys prosperity through you. That has to become a realization in your truth of you. God is always thinking prosperity, because He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Psalm 35:27).

He’s always thinking about experiencing pleasure. He always thinks about prosperity. He thinks, He sees, and He knows. The Spirit within is seeking to manifest prosperity through you on the physical plane. It is not His goal to show something to Himself. He already knows Himself. He wants to demonstrate something through you. He became you to demonstrate Himself. God had no personality but yours.  He had no hands but yours. He had no feet but yours. He had no mouth but yours.  God keeps demonstrating prosperity through me. God seeks to appear on the physical plane in the form of prosperity. That’s why money isn’t what people think it is: a means of exchange for goods and services. Money is an effect.


The fruit of being created in the image and likeness of God is the ability to produce wealth. God has no need for wealth. He is the Ultimate Creator. He invented wealth for you. God demonstrated prosperity through you because you are the one who needs it. God does not need it.  Reexamine if you have this wrong mindset that God is withholding something from you. Learn from Eve. She believed this lie, so did Adam. Look what happened to humanity as a result.

God has prepared the world so that you can enjoy it, and you can praise Him for it. God is truly worthy of our praise, and we’ll realize this even more as we realize the prosperity He has prepared in advance for us.


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