Until you can get the prayer connected with the feeling, it is unlawful for the object of your desire to be in your experience.

When your prayer and feelings are an exact match, you have your breakthrough. The feeling has to clothe your prayer. It has to fit. It has to match. It’s like a marriage. Until the prayer and the feeling come into a union of thought, it’s unlawful for you to partake of the blessing.

Identify if there is any disconnection between your faith goal and what you are currently feeling right now. If there is, bridge that gap.

Are you feeling depressed? Are you feeling fearful? Are you feeling worried? Shift your emotions according to the Bible. Let your prayers shape your feelings into emotions that glorify God and emotions that create for you prosperity in every aspect of your life.

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. (Philippians 4:6-7, The Message)

            When you pray, your emotions become that of God’s wholeness, God’s goodness, and God’s peace.

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