The Dishonest Way of Getting Things

Easy Money

P.T. Barnum, himself a figure noted for pulling the wool over the eyes of his circus audiences, wrote that dishonest money was, in fact, the most challenging way to make money in the world.

What did Barnum mean with this counterintuitive piece of advice? After all, the phrase “easy money” has been ingrained into our culture to imply a source of money that did not go through the usual channels. Many confidence tricksters use the innate trusting nature of human beings to separate their poor marks from their money or property.

Our society is so used to the idea of “easy come, easy go” that the idea of making an honest living has taken on a passe, old-fashioned image as if diligent, hard work was a waste of time.

But Barnum insists that this way is the hardest way to earn money. Why? The answer is surprisingly simple.

Preserving Your Integrity

“If it’s too tough to get money honestly, gain it dishonestly,” Barnum writes.

Integrity is a key component of life that everyone needs to have. It is a quality that speaks volumes about a person’s character and is something that is deeply valued in society. Without integrity, life becomes difficult, and it becomes impossible to build strong and long-lasting relationships with people. Dishonesty is a moral turpitude that disqualifies a person from economic interactions, which makes it all the more important to develop and maintain one’s integrity.

 The Consequences of Lack of Integrity

A person who lacks integrity is not trusted, and it becomes difficult for them to succeed in any financial, emotional, or spiritual relationship. While they may be wealthy, they are socially isolated and unable to form meaningful relationships with people. Their lack of principle limits them from achieving their full potential, and people are less likely to work with or associate with them.

 The Benefits of Integrity

On the other hand, a person with strong character and unquestioned integrity will always be a sought-after partner. They will have their community resources at their disposal, and people will be willing to work with them, knowing they can be trusted. Their integrity creates connectivity and cooperation, which cannot be bought. This makes it essential for every person to develop and maintain their integrity, especially those in leadership positions.

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